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Powerful open source tool for building IDEs. Our mission is to make building applications easy and fun for developers regardless of platform or text editor.

mavensmate new-project <<< '{ "name" : "foo", "workspace" : "/my/workspace", "username" : "[email protected]", "password" : "foo", package: { "ApexClass" : "*" } }'
cd /my/workspace/myproject
mavensmate update-creds [email protected] myPassword123!
mavensmate clean-project
mavensmate compile-metadata path/to/MyTestClass.cls
mavensmate compile-project
mavensmate delete-metadata path/to/
mavensmate start-logging
mavensmate run-tests path/to/MyTestClass.cls
mavensmate stop-logging

Interested in building a IDE for a text editor like, Brackets, Emacs, Vim, or Notepad++?

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