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Supported Platforms

  • OSX (10.8+)
  • Windows (Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • Linux (Ubuntu 14)

(OPTION 1) Via Sublime Text Package Control (recommended)

Sublime Text Package Control must be installed:

  1. Open Sublime Text 3 (Sublime Text 2 no longer supported)
  2. Run Package Control: Install Package command
  3. Search for MavensMate
  4. Hit Enter

(OPTION 2) Manual

cd /path/to/sublime text/packages/directory
git clone 'MavensMate'

(OPTION 3) As a Python Package

On older systems (OSX 10.7.x, for example), you may need to run mm via Python.

If you do not have Python 2.7 installed (Python 2.7 is installed by default on most *nix systems), you'll need to do so:

  1. Install pip
  2. Install mm via pip:

    pip install mm

    This will create an executable called mm (or mm.exe in Windows).

  3. In MavensMate, set mm_path to the location of the newly installed mm executable

    On *nix-based systems, the location can be found by running which mm


Updates to the plugin are handled automatically by Package Control. Updates can be applied manually by replacing the MavensMate directory in your Sublime Text Packages directory.