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Plugins settings should be defined in JSON format and placed inside the plugin directory. For example, MavensMate for Sublime Text has a default settings file and a user settings file. The user settings override those specified in the default configuration, which is consistent with the Sublime Text preference model.

Default Settings

mm_workspace Set to absolute location where you wish your MavensMate project to reside. If the location does not exist, MavensMate will attempt to create it.
mm_api_version 28.0 API version (tooling api functionality requires 27.0+)
mm_hide_panel_on_success true if true, MavensMate will automatically hide the debug panel upon a successful operation
mm_hide_panel_time 0 the amount of time (in seconds) before MavensMate hides the debug panel upon a successful operation
mm_compile_on_save true if true, MavensMate will capture the save file operation and compile to the server automatically
mm_compile_check_conflicts true if true, MavensMate will check if the lastmodifiedbyid of apex metadata is different than running user
mm_diff_server_conflicts true if true, MavensMate will present local/server diff view when conflict is found for the purposes of merging changes (beta)
mm_compile_scroll_to_error true if true, MavensMate will scroll to the line of a reported exception when there is a compilation error
mm_compile_rollback_on_error true if true, MavensMate will rollback compiles when an error is encountered
mm_autocomplete true if true, MavensMate will hook into the Sublime Text completions API to offer code assistance
mm_check_for_updates true if true, MavensMate will check for updates when Sublime Text starts
mm_log_level "INFO" possible values: CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, DEBUG, INFO
mm_log_location location where mm log should be placed (must be existing path)
mm_send_usage_statistics true if true, mavensmate will send usage statistics (NEVER sensitive information like usernames/passwords/etc) for development, reporting, & debugging purposes (see for source of the call)
mm_app_location "/Applications/" the location of
mm_location "/Applications/" the location of the mm command line tool (must be inside
mm_wsdl_path specify a path for custom wsdl files here. wsdls must be named: apex.xml, partner.xml, metadata.xml, tooling.xml
mm_plugin_client_location "/Applications" the location of your Sublime Text install
mm_compile_with_tooling_api true set to true to use the tooling api to compile apex metadata
mm_log_anonymous_apex true set to true if you want a history of your executed apex scripts in project/apex-scripts
mm_play_sounds true set to true to play notification sounds in the MavensMate UI
mm_server_port 9876 local server port
mm_apex_file_extensions [ ".page", ".component", ".cls", ".object", ".trigger", ".layout", ".resource", ".remoteSite", ".labels", ".app", ".dashboard", ".permissionset", ".workflow", ".email", ".profile", ".scf", ".queue", ".reportType", ".report", ".weblink", ".tab", ".letter", ".role", ".homePageComponent", ".homePageLayout", ".objectTranslation", ".flow", ".datacategorygroup", ".snapshot", ".site", ".sharingRules", ".settings", ".callCenter", ".community", ".authProvider", ".customApplicationComponent", ".quickAction", ".approvalProcess" ] mavensmate will attempt to compile when savings files with these extensions
mm_default_apex_templates_map { "ApexClass" : { "test" : "UnitTestApexClass.html", "exception" : "ExceptionApexClass.html", "batch" : "BatchApexClass.html", "schedulable" : "SchedulableApexClass.html", "email" : "EmailServiceApexClass.html", "url" : "UrlRewriterApexClass.html", "webservice" : "WebserviceClass.html", "empty" : "ApexClassNoConstructor.html", "default" : "ApexClass.html" }, "ApexTrigger" : { "default" : "ApexTrigger.html" }, "ApexComponent" : { "default" : "ApexComponent.html" }, "ApexPage" : { "default" : "ApexPage.html" } }
mm_start_app_on_st_startup true if true, will start when Sublime Text starts
mm_default_subscription [ "ApexClass", "ApexComponent", "ApexPage", "ApexTrigger", "StaticResource", "CustomObject", "Profile" ] the default metadata available in a project (may be set on a per-project basis in the "advanced" tab of the new and edit project UIs)
mm_ignore_managed_metadata true ignore metadata from managed packages (highly recommended)
mm_number_of_logs_limit 10 the number of the most recent apex debug logs to download during the "fetch logs" command
mm_test_api "metadata" choices: "metadata" or "apex". "metadata" is recommended, however if your tests are taking forever to run, try switching to "apex" (we're working on async testing api support in 0.36)