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MavensMate for Sublime Text aims to replicate and extend the functionality found in the Eclipse-based IDE inside Sublime Text. As of September 2013, MavensMate is available on OSX 10.7+, Windows, and Linux.

Head to the MavensMate for Sublime Text installation page to get started

Sublime Text 3 (stable)

MavensMate for Sublime Text 3 is the most stable version of the Sublime Text plugin.

Sublime Text 2 (no longer supported)

You can install the Sublime Text 2 plugin for MavensMate via the "Plugins" menu in v0.34 of However, the only Sublime Text plugin being maintained going forward is for Sublime Text 3.


All MavensMate for Sublime Text settings are JSON-based and can be found in the main MavensMate menu: