Powerful open source tool for building IDEs. Our mission is to make building applications easy and fun for developers regardless of platform or text editor.

mavensmate new-project <<< '{ "name" : "foo", "workspace" : "/my/workspace", "username" : "", "password" : "foo", package: { "ApexClass" : "*" } }'

cd /my/workspace/myproject

mavensmate update-creds myPassword123!

mavensmate clean-project

mavensmate compile-metadata path/to/MyTestClass.cls

mavensmate compile-project

mavensmate delete-metadata path/to/

mavensmate start-logging

mavensmate run-tests path/to/MyTestClass.cls

mavensmate stop-logging

Interested in building a IDE for a text editor like, Brackets, Emacs, Vim, or Notepad++?

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Rich APIs

MavensMate wraps and extends the super-powerful Partner, Metadata, and Tooling APIs to provide a rich experience for developers. It's written FOR developers BY developers.

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Beautiful UI

MavensMate provides rich UIs for common operations like creating new projects, editing projects, running Apex unit tests, deploying to servers, etc.

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OSX, Windows, and Linux

MavensMate for Sublime Text is now available for Windows and Linux users too!

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Atom Support

MavensMate plugin for Atom is currently in beta.

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mm for atom

Sublime Text Support

MavensMate plugin for Sublime Text 3 is available now. Take advantage of Sublime Text features like code assist, quick find, etc. when building your applications.

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